Dubai, UAE. 25 September 2012 – Organisers of the Dubai Airshow - F&E Aerospace has been nominated to receive the Aviation Safety Promotion Donor Award at the first World Food Programme (WFP) Humanitarian Aviation Awards.

The award is to be presented at the opening ceremony of the 4th Global Humanitarian Aviation Conference at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre, 9 to 11 October 2012, Dead Sea – Jordan.

The biennial Dubai Airshow became the first of F&E Aerospace’s events to support the WFP’s Air Safety Unit (ASU) in 2007. The ASU, which has a regional aviation safety office in Sharjah, is responsible for monitoring the compliance with international standards of best practice in aviation safety by carriers contracted by the WFP to airlift relief supplies around the world.

Alison Weller, Managing Director of F&E Aerospace, said: “We are honoured and delighted to be nominated for the Aviation Safety Promotion Donor Award. We have been proud supporters of the WFP since the 2007 Dubai Airshow - providing a platform to interact with flight charter companies and promote humanitarian air service activities.”

In their nomination the WFP said: “F&E Aerospace has shown what true support means and how it can be done through investing in safety and promotion worldwide.”

For F&E Aerospace, contact: Gemma L’Appanna, PR Manager – T: +971 4603 3300 M: +971 555 163 914; E: gemma.lappanna@dubai.aero

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