Ángel Luis Arias

Director General


Ángel Luis Arias Serrano has a degree in aeronautical engineering from the UPM and a Master's in Business Administration. He is a member of the Military Corps of Air Force Aeronautical Engineers and the Civil Corps of Aeronautical Engineers. He began his career in 1984 in the Air Force, and then went on to work at various aeronautical organisations and companies. At Aena, he has held the positions of Director of Strategic Planning, Deputy Director of the President's Office and Director of Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability. From January 2012 and until his appointment as ENAIRE's General Director in May 2015, he held the position of Director-General of Civil Aviation. During this time, he also presided the Governing Council of the National Aviation Safety Agency (AESA), and he has been on the Boards of Directors of Aena and SENASA, as well as Vice-chairman of EUROCONTROL.  


Hub Stage

15 November 2021 | 13:20 - 13:25 | Presentation: Tackling the emergence of new business models

This presentation will uncover the new urban air mobility challenges and provide framework to help stakeholders achieve the highest levels of safety, efficiency and sustainability.

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