2021 Flying display programme

The flying display and static park are a highlight for visitors and exhibitors alike, with some of the worlds most advanced aircraft on display in the air and on the ground.

Flying Display

A key part of the biennial event, the flying display is an impressive way for manufacturers to demonstrate their aircraft abilities to the global aerospace industry as whole, whilst providing a breath taking spectacle for thousands of visitors each day.

Al-Fursan, the Saudi Hawks, the Indian Sarang team and The Indian Surya Kiran team were amongst the many to return to the skies once again.



Dubai Airshow 2021 had been selected as the platform for the first international debut for the next generation Sukhoi fighter Jet, the fifth-generation fighter with stealth capabilities and high flight performance.


Bellwether industries displayed the Antelope - Urban vertical take off and landing vehicle with hidden propellers, compact design and a ducted system.


Manta Aircraft

Attendees witnessed Manta ANN2 aircraft, a two seater aircraft for personal air mobility with wide regional range at high speed. Basic platform for “utility” derivatives in many different variants according to service

Static Park display

Showcasing several new aircrafts, the 2021 edition brought more than 160 commercial and military aircrafts from the industry leaders and new players. Visitors accessed up close a huge variety of business jets, drones & UAV's, commercial airliners, military jets, helicopters and much more.