Abhishek Shah

Co-Founder and CEO

RSA National

Abhishek Shah is the CEO and Co-Founder of RSA Global, a digital freight forwarding, and supply chain solutions provider headquartered out of the UAE. 

After the completion of his master’s degree in Civil Engineering with Business Management from University of Warwick, he co-founded RSA Global Dubai in 2009.

Under Abhishek’s entrepreneurial and agile leadership style, RSA Global has evolved into a renown logistics solutions company employing 650 professionals and serving key industries across four regions with global reach. He is a visionary and constantly pushing the organization to the next level conquering the era of technology and digitalization.  


Hub Stage

16 November 2021 | 11:20 - 12:00 | Panel: How to capitalize on ecommerce

Dependance on ecommerce has continued to grow at rapid rate.  Coupled with higher customer expectations, cargo operators need to increase collaboration and data – sharing to swiftly manage demand capitalize on this global opportunity. 

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