Afsheen Faiz

Air Traffic Control Officer

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

Afsheen Faiz is an Air Traffic Control Officer and has an experience of 7 years working at the busiest airport in Pakistan. She not only topped the entrance exam in the country for Air Traffic Services, she is currently the only female On Job Training Instructor for Aerodrome Control in Karachi. In addition to impeccably executing her air traffic control duties, she is the designated Runway Safety Officer for Karachi since 2017 and currently is Officer In-charge for Tower, Pre-flight Information and Ground Operations Control units.  

Afsheen has an undergraduate degree in Management from University of Manchester. A keen interest in flight safety had led her to pursue an MSc In Air Safety Management from City, University of London. Her thesis focuses on the role of National Culture on Pilot Safety Behaviours. She is also a guest lecturer on Active Safety Management and Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Aviation.


Hub Stage

15 November 2021 | 13:25 - 14:00 | Panel: Reducing demand & capacity imbalances with Trajectory Based Operations

The volume of connecting passengers has been the hardest hit from the pandemic. The future of the hub model is now the subject of debate. This session will analyze how we can optimize  predictions with Trajectory Based Operations and if ATFM changes are required to mirror new passenger behavior and forecast future disruptions to ensure a resilient and agile airspace.

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