Boris Resnick

Deputy CTO, Aerospace Systems


Boris has more than sixteen years of experience in aviation, as software developer and systems architect. Was involved in development of several aviation systems, including GBAS stations, Aerodrome Weather Hazards and Wake Vortex monitoring systems, IoT for aviation solutions. Boris also worked with multiple industrial standardization groups. He holds a Master degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Moscow State University.


Tech Xplore

18 November 2021 | 12:40 - 13:40 | What 5G will mean for the future drone operations

5G promises to transform drone operations by adding new levels of IoT connectivity – leading to more robust command and control, safer airspace management and huge increases in the amount payload data downloads. A recent study published by the GSMA highlights a minimum of eight different use cases in which drone operators would benefit from connectivity and end-to-end service provision. When and where will these first appear?

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