Bradley Francis

Director, Air Logistics United Arab Emirates and Oman


As Air Logistics Director, Bradley is the leader of the Air Logistics Business Unit and is responsible for the activities within United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Bradley started his career in South Africa in 1996 and has been privileged to have worked with Ground Handling Agents (GHA’s), Airlines and Freight Forwarders in both sales and general management roles and has been exposed to various products across the logistics and supply chain industry. With an fervor  for meaningful solution development, Bradley has had a tendency to to lean towards the Air Logistics Business Unit, mainly due to the fast paced and technical requirements of the product particularly in the Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Aviation Industries.

Fueled by genuine awareness and passion for service excellence, Bradley has successfully driven results and solutions for his customers ensured implementation of Kuehne+Nagel strategies and initiatives whilst delivering engagement, growth and leadership to the teams he has been fortunate enough to serve with.


Hub Stage

17 November 2021 | 11:40 - 12:40 | Panel: Exploring how the cargo industry conquered time sensitive vaccine challenges

Distributing and connecting the world with high-value, time, and temperature-sensitive cargo comes with a vast variety of roadblocks. Timely regulatory approvals, landing & overflight permits, storage and clearance by customs must be completed quickly to ensure these critical shipments arrive to their final destination.

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