14 May 2020

Can Airports Achieve A Touchless Future?

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Image Source: Forbes

In the race to reopen, airports are turning to facial recognition tech, AI, automation, and biometric scanners designed to deliver a “touchless” journey for our bodies and our baggage. Execution is another story.
Imagine entering an airport, sharing your vital signs, passing through security and boarding an airplane, all without touching any screens, tickets, or people. According to authorities, that’s where we are headed. Considering the clear and present danger of disease, the question is how fast can (and should) we get there?
The answer depends largely on where in the world you are. At Singapore’s Changi Airport, thermal screeners take the temperatures of all staff and visitors entering transit areas. Hong Kong International Airport is using three self-driving, “intelligent sterilization” robots to clean public areas and restrooms.

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