Capt Mubarak AL Mehairi

Deputy Chief Pilot (Airbus)


Captain Mubarak Ali Al Mheiri, Deputy Chief Pilot (Airbus) joined Emirates Airlines through the Cadet Programme in 2005. Through his pilot career journey, Capt Mubarak had the opportunity to fly Airbus A330 and A340 for five years before joining the Airbus A380 Fleet in 2012. Prior to his appointment as Deputy Chief Pilot, Capt Mubarak held the role of the Fleet Technical Pilot which supported him to be one of the Emirates Test Pilot Team. As part of the Flight Operations management team, Capt Mubarak is responsible for the day-to-day crew operations which includes managing Fleet and Pilots performance. 
Over the past 9 years, Captain Mubarak participated in high profile flights including the Jetman flying next to the Airbus A380 in 2015. He took part in (Nov 2022) of A380 flying with the red arrows, and led participated in the flight for Emirates promoting Expo 2020 with the Burj Khalifa, A380 fly around. 

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