Dubai Airshow brings you a host of thought leadership content based on current themes and trends that are backed by leading experts and practitioners from the aerospace industry.

Global Air Traffic Management (GATM)

Air traffic management is a critical part of the aviation industry, with safety being the priority. Even during global pandemics ATCOs are relied upon to ensure passenger and cargo planes can navigate through the ever-changing airspace efficiency. The fourth edition of the Global Air Traffic Management Conference will welcome the new era of ATC hyperautomation and explore how to stay resilient by adapting to the post-pandemic airspace.

Cargo Connect

With demand on cargo services rising, we have brought Cargo Connect back to Dubai Airshow to help discover the technologies available to ease capacity fluctuations, speed up cargo dispatch and improve safety throughout the supply value chain.

Aerospace 2050 Forum

This stage encompasses all elements of future transportation, research and development, government policies, and economic growth initiatives in the industry. Be inspired with project updates on space ventures and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as leading technological and design innovations creating a more sustainable, environmentally friendly aviation industry.

  • Space
  • Aviation Sustainability
  • Future Transport
  • Futures Day

Tech Talks - NEW

The Tech Zone Stage will highlight how technology is helping reboot aviation and changing the entire flying experience. Join us as the aviation industry’s leading tech minds discuss the role of 5G, AI & Machine Learning, Cyber Security and Automation Technologies in the development of the industry.

  • 5G
  • AI
  • Cyber Security
  • Automation