Dr. René Puls

Director Center for Aviation and Space Competence, University of St. Gallen and Managing Director

Swiss Aerospace Cluster

Dr. René Puls is a Co-Director of the Center for Aviation and Space Competence at the University of St. Gallen, Europe’s leading Business School and ranked among the Top 10 universities in various disciplines, including Finance or International Management. Since 2020, he also serves as Managing Director of the Swiss Aerospace Cluster, Switzerland’s largest Aerospace network. René Puls has 25 years of experience in Corporate Finance, Project Management and Business Development, having worked for the Credit Suisse Group and IBM Global Business Services in various expert and management positions. He currently oversees the Aviation stream of the university’s research center and is leading the industry cluster’s focus towards NewSpace as well as emerging technologies and use cases, such as Advanced Air Mobility or 3D printing. In addition to research activities, René Puls is developing new executive programs for the university and its industry partners, delivering business education for Aviation managers and addressing value-adding essentials, such as International or Sustainable Management concepts for the industry, including the Space sector. Dr. Puls has designed and implemented the renowned Aerospace Innovation Days in Switzerland, the country’s leading networking platform for Aviation and Space stakeholders and known for innovation transfer between academia and industry since 2021.


Aerospace 2050

16 November 2023 | 12:55 - 13:25 | Space Innovatisation: An Interactive Session about Commercialisation and Education for Space Ecosystems

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