Fish Tank Talks

A new feature at Dubai Airshow 2021, the Fish Tank Talks will feature a series of live interviews with high-profile industry leaders, these sessions include Ministerial interviews, Astronaut fireside chats and airline CEO dialogues.

Become A Fly On The Wall

A rare opportunity to become a fly on the wall, this aquarium like live broadcast space creates an opportunity for engaging content to be delivered in a unique way. Important talks and discussions take place within a glass meeting room as visitors are able to listen in through headphones and capture the discussions as they unfold live.

Visitors can scan the QR code displayed outside the Fish Tank and tune in to the live conversation through their headsets.

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Superb Lineup Of Speakers

Our Fish Tank Talks are out of this world. Here are some of the renowned speakers you can hear

  • Charlie Duke, Apollo 16 Moonwalker
  • Hazzaa Al Mansouri, UAE Astronaut
  • Sultan Al Neyadi, UAE Astronaut
  • Tony Douglas, Group Chief Executive Officer, Etihad Aviation Group
  • and many more...

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