Health & Safety Guidelines

Keeping in line with the latest COVID-19 regulations, all visitors to the Dubai Airshow MUST register online and print their badge prior to arriving at the venue as no onsite registration and badge printing will be available.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Dubai is leading the way in safely re-opening international large-scale events and as we welcome you back to the Dubai Airshow 2021, we would like to introduce you to Dubai Airshow's  Event Safety Measures which were designed to guarantee you a comfortable and secure show experience. 


Download our health and safety guide


What are the travel procedures to Dubai?

For the latest on travel procedures to and from UAE, please check with your respected airline.

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend Dubai Airshow?

Vaccination isn't mandatory yet encouraged.

Will I be able to print my badge onsite?

Due to new health and safety protocols, badges and tickets will only be sold online and there will be no onsite registration or ticket sales.
Please Print your badge before arriving to the venue in colour onto an A4 paper
Individually sanitised and packaged badge holders and lanyards will be distributed at multiple locations onsite.

What if I get sick at Dubai Airshow?

If you have a cough, a fever or difficulty breathing, and you are worried that you may have COVID-19,  please seek medical attention, Contact DHA (Dubai Health Authority)  and do not attend the event.

What social distancing measures are in place at the venue?

Stands, Chalets, Conference Area

  • Exhibition stand maximum capacities and the minimum 2m social distancing guidelines will be monitored by our health & safety team.
  • Real time monitoring of crowd density and venue capacity

  • Aisles will be a minimum of 2.5 metres width for one-way traffic and 4 metres for two-way traffic.
  • Isolation rooms will be available at the venue for suspected cases and managed in conjunction with Dubai Health Authority (DHA).
  • Chairs will be set 2 metres apart from each other at the various conferences throughout the venue.

How does Networking change?

  • All meetings will be booked through our Dubai Airshow mobile app.
  • We encourage attendees to avoid shaking hands and exchanging physical business cards wherever possible.
  • Exhibition stand maximum capacities and the minimum 2m social distancing guidelines will be monitored by our health & safety team.

Is wearing a mask mandatory?

Wearing of face masks will be mandatory at all times. Please be aware that there will be a fine of AED 3,000 applicable for non-compliance.

Will there be sanitiser stations?

Santisers will be readily available at multiple locations.

How often Is the venue sanitised?

A full venue sanitisation will be conducted across the show floor including public areas, F&B outlets and restrooms after each show day.

Is there a list of approved COVID-19 test laboratories in Dubai?

Click here to view the full list.


For your own safety, compliance is legally required in all areas; a team of our health and safety staff will be happy to assist you across the venue.

Event health and safety precautionary guidelines subject to changes as directed by the local authorities.