Dr James A. Grieve is the Senior Director of Quantum Communications at the Technology Innovation Institute in Abu Dhabi. Since gaining his PhD from the University of Bristol, Dr Grieve has accumulated a decade of experience in experimental quantum optics, including industrialization activities in quantum key distribution. His team in Abu Dhabi builds practical, industry-focused systems to bring quantum-backed security to the wider market, with activities in quantum key distribution, quantum random number generators and satellite-based quantum communications. 


Aerospace 2050

16 November 2023 | 13:25 - 13:55 | Panel: Quantum Tech in Space

Space is critical to the development and deployment of new quantum technologies. Quantum sensors reach peak performance away from gravity's influence. On Earth, fibre optic losses limit secure quantum communication. Satellites can bridge this gap, enabling secure quantum links worldwide. This progress sets the stage for a Global Quantum Network, including quantum computers and Quantum Internet. Satellites are thus positioned as key nodes in our future Quantum-Connected planet. So, what tools might we be lacking to fully realize this extraordinary advancement?

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