Lars Kroeplin

Head of Corporate Responsibility Strategy Customer & Commercial

Lufthansa Group

Lars Kroeplin Senior Director for Corporate Responsibility Strategy Lufthansa Group
Lars is the Senior Director for Corporate Responsibility Strategy at Lufthansa Group with a special focus on the customer centric transformation of Lufthansa Group towards the future of climate-neutral flying. Current focal points of his work include the development of sustainable product offerings for the travelling public by combining the CO2 reduction with Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and compensation of the unavoidable emissions and the advancement of tangible green projects like the reduction of plastic and food waste. In addition, he coordinates all efforts for voluntary compensation in the Lufthansa Group.
Lars joined Corporate Responsibility in May 2021 building a new team that drives sustainability with the customer in mind. He is with Lufthansa Group since 1991 and has worked in various commercial and strategic leadership positions also at Eurowings and on international assignments.

Aerospace 2050

13 November 2023 | 12:45 - 13:25 | Panel: Preparing for carbon neutral passengers of the future

Passenger expectations are changing, this session will identify how airlines and airports can increase customer buy-in and involvement without greenwashing. How can airlines ensure a credible CORSIA program to cut their co2 levels?

Aerospace 2050

14 November 2023 | 12:25 - 13:10 | Panel: Reinforcing policy and regulation to accelerate sustainable growth

Adopting globally recognized sustainability standards and incentives to accelerate progress and fuel sustainable aviation for the long haul. Should we provide tax credits for sustainable airlines?

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