Luigi Scatteia

Partner and Space Practice Leader

PwC Advisory France

Luigi is a Partner in PwC Advisory France. Within PwC he leads the Space Practice worldwide, and core space strategy consulting team based in Paris and Toulouse, focused on serving institutional and commercial stakeholders in the space sector, as well as non-space companies with specific commercial interest in space products and applications. He has 22 years of experience in the space sector and he has extensively supported the Space Industry, Space Agencies, intergovernmental organizations, and governments in Europe and Worldwide. He is a member of the International Astronautical Federation Technical Committee (chair of the IAF Space Economy Committee), and a regular keynote and panel speaker at space-related events worldwide.  


Aerospace 2050

15 November 2023 | 14:45 - 15:25 | Panel: Fostering innovation in space

Highlighting new projects and programs that international agencies are promoting in partnership with private companies and government agencies. Assessing the impact of current collaboration programs and the lessons learned for future initiatives. 

Aerospace 2050

16 November 2023 | 13:55 - 14:25 | Panel : Sustaining the Final Frontier: A Dive into Space Sustainability and Resource Utilization

Join us for a captivating panel discussion exploring the intersection of space exploration and sustainability. Our panelists will delve into the potential of space resources and mining as a means to alleviate the strain on Earth's resources. We'll explore the concept of harnessing solar energy in orbit, unlocking consistent energy production that could revolutionize our global energy landscape. The debate will also touch on the environmental impact of space missions, discussing the implications of rocket launches and the ongoing efforts to mitigate their effects. This session invites attendees to engage in a forward-thinking dialogue on how space exploration could play a pivotal role in our sustainable future, providing a unique blend of investment, environmental, and ethical considerations.​

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