Michael Rowe

VP for Aerospace and Defence

Frost and Sullivan

Michael (Mike) brings with him more than 30 years of experience in the global aerospace, defense, and space sector having served worldwide with the British Armed Forces, and subsequently with French company Thales, and British company Cohort plc before joining Frost & Sullivan 5 years ago.

Mike is our Global Advisory Practice Leader for Aerospace & Defence, and his Practice encompasses all market aspects of: Commercial Aviation, Airports & Airlines, Uncrewed Air Systems (UAS), Defense, and Space. He and his team have covered an incredibly exciting range of business and technology research spanning Debris tracking in Space, Atomic clocks, Hypersonic propulsion, and energy sustainability in Defense and Aviation. A key aspect has been his leadership in greatly developing Frost’s support to the Middle East, boosting his dedicated team size in Riyadh, and providing technical and commercial due diligence advice to key Government agencies in the United Arab Emirates.

Mike is a multiple Cranfield University graduate, with a Master's degree in information system design, and a diploma in military logistics. Mike has an extensive and active social network in military and corporate communities. Also, a proven ability to facilitate and communicate across multiple technical, business, and end-user stakeholders. He has a logical, systems approach to consulting, analysis, and reporting; as well as being a highly qualified business developer, and project manager, with many complex , and critical projects of all sizes captured, and delivered successfully to clients worldwide.

Mike is a British Citizen with strong family links in Australia, and Germany. He has two children, both enjoying successful careers in human resources and marine geoscience. Mike is a strong supporter of the British Legion, a military charity; and a keen sportsman, skier, and self-confessed technologist. He speaks regularly at key events including online for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), moderating the Land Defense Think Tank at the 2023 IDEX, and is a prolific contributor to written articles on topics ranging from kamikaze drones, to space surveillance and tracking monetization.

Key Accomplishments :

• Staff officer in 7th Armoured Brigade HQ , British Army during the liberation of Kuwait. Also, a commander of over 200 soldiers whilst helping securing peace in the Balkans & Far East.

• Management board director of a $multi-million technical consultancy business for 5 years.

• Sales & Marketing Director for Thales (UK) ‘Force Protection’ Business Unit.

• Heading up Thales’ Global Operational Analysis & Simulation Laboratory for 5 years.

• Part of the UK Ministry of Defence 5-Eyes interoperability team visiting Washington, Sydney, and Ontario.


Aerospace 2050

15 November 2023 | 13:20 - 13:55 | Panel: Combatting climate change through space science​

Discussing the critical role of space data in understanding and addressing climate change. Exploring the innovations in space-based services and applications and analyzing how new age communication satellites and emerging space tech can enhance monitoring and help suggest methods to limit climate change

Aerospace 2050

16 November 2023 | 11:50 - 12:25 | Panel: New space race - increased satellite launches!

According to an article by Eurocontrol there has been a 4 times growth in satellites and an average of 1700 satellites to be launched every year by 2030. How has the economies of scale and reduced prices of small satellites impacted launch? What is the impact of these mega constellation launches on the space industry and beyond?​

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