Mohittin Kourtev

Director - Learning and Innovation Factory


Mohittin Kourtev is Director of EDGE Learning & Innovation Factory.  
In this role, he is responsible for leading innovation strategies, operations, and strategic programmes, as well as for upskilling, training, and providing business support to drive continuous improvement across the organisation. 
As an executive with a proven track record in three domains: Corporate Entities, Entrepreneurship and Start-ups, and Governmental Engagements; Mohittin Kourtev possesses a wealth of knowledge in creating Research & Development (R&D) strategies, and establishing governance functions for product development and manufacturing. In addition, he holds solid experience working with external bodies, as well as demonstrated skills in delivering innovative solutions, manufacturing processes, technologies, and new business models.  
Prior to joining EDGE, he served as Principal at Volvo Group Innovation Lab in Sweden, where he led business innovation as well as advanced engineering for connected solutions. Earlier, Kourtev was Expert in Research & Innovation at the European Commission (EC) in Belgium – delivering support to the EC on regulatory affairs, research, and innovation. He has also held the positions of Head of Innovation Management, as well as Manager – New Manufacturing Technologies at SKF Group, Sweden, respectively.  
Kourtev’s early career saw him serve as a Management Consultant at Siemens Management Consulting, Germany and as a Development Engineer at Volvo Group, Sweden. 
Mohittin Kourtev holds master’s degrees in Mechatronics and Control Systems from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; and Management, Technology and Economics from ETH Zurich, respectively. He also holds a degree from Unitech International, Switzerland. 
Mohittin Kourtev is fluent in English, Swedish, and Turkish.  

Aerospace 2050

17 November 2023 | 12:50 - 13:00 | Keynote : Edge: Transforming Training & Fuelling UAE Innovation

Join Edge as they reveal  groundbreaking approach to training and driving innovation within the UAE. Discover how they are shaping the future by reimagining training techniques and igniting innovation throughout our organization and the UAE as a whole. 

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