Njood Alkhaldi

Innovation Specialist

Intelak Hub - Emirates Group

Njood Alkhaldi is a dynamic and accomplished professional serving as an Innovation Specialist at the Emirates Group. With a strong background in the aviation industry, she has played pivotal roles in fostering technological advancement and digital innovation. Njood is well-versed in digital marketing, particularly through her contributions to Aviation X Lab and the Intelak Program. In 2019, Njood Alkhaldi graduated as a Senior Software Engineer from Emirates Aviation University with a Bachelor Degree, equipping herself with the technical skills required for a rapidly evolving industry. Her journey in the field of innovation has brought her to her current position at Emirates Airline, where she continues to drive groundbreaking initiatives and shape the future of aviation through cutting-edge technologies. Njood's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in aviation innovation makes her a driving force in the industry.

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