Women in Space and Tech Talks Highlights

Conference Highlights:


Watch all the Women in Space conference highlights and hear what some of our key participants had to say about their event experience. 


Watch some of the Space Tech Talks conference highlights and listen to what our key speakers have to share about their conference experience. 


Diana Alsindy, Propulsion Development Engineer at Virgin Orbit shares how the Women in Space conference has provided the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas and theories on different aspects of this industry.

"This Women in Space Conference is so amazing because it gives a platform for women across the globe to really share their stories."
Dr Michaelyn Thomas, Head of Affordability at Virgin Orbit explains how having women in space provides excellent role models to inspire younger generations to get involved in space exploration.


Geraldine Naja, Head of Industrial Policy and Auditing department for the European Space Agency discusses how the study of Space is becoming increasingly diverse with more women, generations and countries now participating.


Claudie Haigneré, Former French Minister & Former Astronaut, CNES and ESA explains how the Space industry is changing from traditional to more modern methods of approach.


Amer Mohammad Al Sayegh Al Ghafri discusses the significant advancements that the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre has made within the last decade including launching several satellites, working on their Mars Mission and more recently, celebrating the return of the first Emirati astronaut from Space.


Hazza Al Mansouri from the UAE Astronaut programme talks about his career trajectory from solo pilot to astronaut.


Dr Khaled Al Hashmi, Director of Space Missions from the UAE Space Agency shares the success they have had this year and their plans moving forward including their 2020 Mission to Mars.


Aleanna Crane Thomas Westray are with Virgin Galactic on the Mubadala stand this year to promote the start of their commercial operations next year. Visit their website to see the world's first commercial space suits and to enjoy a virtual tour of the world's first commercial space port.