Professor Robert Bor

Clinical Counselling Health & Aviation Psychologist

Centre for Aviation Psychology’

Professor Robert Bor is director of the Centre for Aviation Psychology He provides peer support, mental well-being training and resilience and pilot selection expertise to more than 30,000 pilots. He is a registered and practicing Clinical, Counselling and Health Psychologist in the United Kingdom. He is also a certified Aviation Psychologist in Europe. Rob is a Board Member of the European Association for Aviation Psychology, Civilian Psychologist to the Royal Air Force, on the ICAO Mental Health Working Group, Aerospace Medical Association Mental Health Group and European Pilot Peer Support Initiative Committee. He has published more than 35 textbooks and 200 academic papers and chapters in books, including 3 key textbooks in aviation psychology: Aviation Mental Health, Pilot Mental Health Assessment and Support and Pilot Selection. He is editing the first textbook on the topic: Pilot Neuropsychology due for publication in 2024. He received the highest award in aviation in 2017, an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Aeronautical Society, and is listed on the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Wall of Honor in Washington D.C. He a Liveryman of the Honorary Company of Air Pilots and also holds the Freedom of the City of London. Rob is a Churchill Fellow (presented by H. M. The Queen) and together with the AsMA mental health group has recently received the Boothby-Edwards award from the Aerospace Medical Association.


Airworthiness & Safety Conference

14 November 2023 | 12:45 - 13:30 | Panel session: Mental Health and its Impact on the World of Aviation

  • Exploration of the impact of mental health issues on the safety and performance of aviation professionals, including aircrew, engineers, and ground handling personnel
  • Discussion on strategies and programs aimed at promoting mental well-being and addressing psychological challenges
  • Highlighting the importance of mental health support systems and their impact on safety

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