Roberto Croci

Managing Director

Microsoft for Startups

A leading innovator in developing ecosystems where startups thrive, Roberto’s expertise and candid approach have kept him in demand with major tech companies throughout his career.  In his current role as the Managing Director of Microsoft for Startups, Roberto is buildingMicrosoft’s new division from scratch, including spearheading its expansion and innovation strategy, with the vision to foster a collaborative startup ecosystem to create a better, brighter future for people around the world. Connecting the dots between startups, government agencies and private sector organizations, Roberto helps organizations adopt the innovation mindset and leverage the technology and nimbleness that startups provide. With an ability to cut through  the noise, he works directly with startup founders and encourages them to “think differently” and to “be more curious.”  



15 November 2021 | 10:20 - 11:00 | Keynote Panel: Startups invading the air transport industry

An increasing number of companies are setting up investment arms and accelerators to support innovation in the aerospace industry. This session will highlight increasing investments in aerospace startups, sectors they are focusing on and the new opportunities

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