Rossann Domingo

Assistant Manager, Integrated Operations Control Center

Philippine Airlines

Rosie Domingo has been with the airline operations team for a long time. She started as a flight attendant back in 2007, was tapped as a safety and soft skills trainer after a couple of years and then joined the Cabin Services team as a Cabin Services Manager.

On 2018, she transferred to be a part of the Integrated Operations Control Center as AM directly under the AVP. She has been leading the digitization programs of PAL-IOCC such as Kaizala (employee engagement app), Electronic Notifications, One Flight Request and Reserve Dashboard.

Microsoft has taken interest on how Kaizala was maximized in the airline and sent their team including their creative director Matthew Waddell to make a video of the PAL x Microsoft partnership.

Rosie is a student council representative in Ateneo Graduate School of Business which is the leading school in the Philippines.

She is also a mother-of-three and is a public speaker and host in the Philippines.


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