06 October 2021


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It’s been a difficult time for all of us since the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, and airlines have taken the brunt of economic woes brought about by the many changes the crisis initiated around the world. During this time, the airline Chief Financial Officer (CFO) had one of the toughest roles within an airline—managing tremendous cash burn with little revenue, raising funds, managing government assistance and navigating global restrictions—all of which have impacted revenue and the bottom line. Airlines have always been leveraged, but now add an unprecedented level of debt burden that could curb investments for years ahead.

Given the impact on airline revenue in 2020-2021, it’s fair to say that all airlines are looking for more revenue. Doing so is integral to economic survival. The opportunity for airlines to drive additional revenue from their cargo divisions has become increasingly important, even while attention to the rebuilding of passenger revenue remains preeminent. With business travel not expected to return to 2019 levels within the next 5 years, long-term impacts on passenger revenue are expected. Airlines will need to fill this gap in top-line growth.

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