Steve Bochinger

Affiliate Executive Advisor


In over 20 years working in the space sector, Steve has advised a wide range of clients including commercial and government players along the entire space value chain. Since 2023 he has been an Affiliate Executive Advisor to Euroconsult supporting the company in its strategic consulting assignments. Prior to this, Steve held several senior management positions at Euroconsult. As COO between 2015 and 2023 he led their corporate organization and development. He also developed and managed Euroconsult’s North American offices in Canada and the US from 2008 to 2015. 


His work has appeared in over 50 publications and he has been a featured speaker at premier space and satellite industry conferences around the world. He has a Master of Law from McGill University’s Institute of Air & Space Law in Montreal, and a Masters Degree in International Law from La Sorbonne in Paris.  



Aerospace 2050

15 November 2023 | 10:45 - 11:30 | Panel: Investing in space to support the country’s growth plans

Understanding the economic impact of space and creating a space infrastructure on earth to support the country’s vision and growth plans. Discussing the impact of increasing private investments in space economy. Debating the best way forward for securing the economic sustainability of space whilst ensuring a safe and risk-free outer space environment​.

Aerospace 2050

15 November 2023 | 13:55 - 14:25 | Panel: New space revolution

As startups aim beyond earth, investors are now putting more money than ever before in space technology and space development. During this session our speakers will highlight​

How to build an ecosystem of space startups to serve the country’s space projects and plans. Which sector of the space industry is particularly of interest to investors and what are the recent investment trends in the space industry? What are the challenges faced by space startups and what can stakeholders in the industry do to support?

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