Victor Bleoca

Vice President Cargo Revenue Optimisation & Capacity Control

Emirates Sky Cargo

Victor Bleoca is Vice President Cargo Revenue Optimisation & Capacity Control, also managing Revenue Planning and Analytics within his portfolio. Victor has over 17 years of experience in the Commercial Airline business. In 2020, he joined Emirates SkyCargo from the Passenger Revenue Optimisation department, where he spent eight years, most recently leading the Inventory Management Europe team and managing various forecasting, optimisation and pricing systems projects. 

Prior to that, as a Revenue Systems Research & Development Manager, he was actively involved in the successful implementation of network revenue optimisation at Emirates in 2013 and one of the lead managers in seeing the project through completion.

Victor previously spent eight years with full service regional carrier Carpatair back in his home country, Romania, taking on increasing responsibilities and eventually heading the revenue management, pricing and distribution functions of the airline. 

Educated in Romania and The Netherlands and holding a Degree in Law, his professional career has evolved entirely within airlines. 


Hub Stage

16 November 2021 | 13:15 - 13:45 | Panel: Adapt, react, and overcome cargo fluctuations with accurate forecasting

PPE demand skyrocketed during the pandemic, cargo operators were under pressure to ensure critical supplies were fast tracked to reach those in need. This discussion will discuss the complications faced and how data analytics can help ease last minute changes to support contingency planning.

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