Vik Kachoria

Founder, President & CEO

Spike Aerospace

Vik Kachoria, Founder, President & CEO of Spike Aerospace, is leading the development of the world’s first quiet supersonic jet, the Spike S-512. The luxurious, 18 passenger, Mach 1.6 business jet not only cuts flight times in half -- it raises the bar for business productivity and competitiveness. With low emissions, minimal sonic boom and highly fuel efficient engines, flights overland from NYC to LAX or London to Hong Kong will be possible without the loud sonic boom the Concorde created.   


Tech Xplore

16 November 2021 | 12:30 - 12:50 | On-stage interview: Supersonic vehicle concept

Understanding the potential of supersonic flights and discussing when supersonic flight for global travel will be a reality.

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