Yousif Al Awadi

Director - Communication, Navigation, Surveillance Systems


Yousif Al Awadhi, Acting Director - Communication, Navigation, Surveillance Systems, General Civil Aviation Authority

Yousif Al Awadhi, an emerging talent in the UAE aviation arena, is Acting Director - Communication, Navigation, Surveillance Systems at the General Civil Aviation Authority.  Yousif started his career as an Air Traffic Controller in 2005, soon became a trainer and a supervisor before moving to Research & Dataset section in 2014 as Senior Research & Dataset Officer.  Yousif’s expertise include systems design, testing, training and implementation of ATM systems, processes and procedures.

An academic by instinct, Yousif holds a Master’s degree in Aviation Management from the Emirates Aviation College, Dubai and a graduate of UAE Government Leadership Programme – Future Leaders.


Tech Xplore

15 November 2021 | 10:55 - 11:25 | Panel Discussion: Developing and implementing airtight defenses against cyber threats

 Discussing some of the barriers in implementation of cyber security solutions and  highlighting What should the cybersecurity priorities be now and after the pandemic? What can companies do to improve cyber resilience and ensure business continuity? – Join us for  this interactive session and identify what is truly critical and how the air transport industry can collaborate to monitor, detect and manage cyber risks.

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