Watch our exclusive coverage from the Dubai Airshow 2021.


With 1,288 exhibitors in attendance, 161 aircraft on the event’s static display, and a packed schedule of conferences and keynotes, the programme was the show’s busiest to date. Sales were also booming, with the order book on site reaching $54.5 billion by close of business.

Watch our final round up video to see all of the week's highlights from the show. 


David Doherty, Head of MRO Sales, Etihad Engineering explains how their customers are starting to think long term in regards to maintenance requirements and how this allows them to forge better partnerships with airlines.



CEO, Abdul Khaliq Saeed discusses the role Etihad Engineering will play in the region's growth.



Hazza Al Mansouri from the UAE Astronaut programme talks about his career trajectory from solo pilot to astronaut.


Ryan Goodnight from Rolls Royce discusses the technology race and how their next generation of engines are unique in the market place.


Watch the Day 4 Highlights from this year's Dubai Airshow. 


Wieland Timm from Lufthansa Technik discusses the huge market for VIP Jets in the region, how they are now catering to a younger generation looking for a new lifestyle, and all the gimmicks, on board.

 Ibrahim Ahli, Deputy CEO, Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans) addresses the processes and technologies they are putting in place to handle the increased load on airspace in the region.


Ziad Al Hazmi from Lufthansa Technik Middle East discusses the growing Middle Eastern aerospace market, with 2,000 aircraft and over $5 billion worth of MRO business. 


CEO Mr Yahya Al Ghoraibi from The Helicopter Company explains how they are expanding their customer base from VIP and tourists to include both medical and emergency services all whilst establishing a global presence at the Dubai Airshow. 


Taarek Hinedi, Vice President Middle East and North Africa Operations for FedEx, discusses how FedEx is bringing people and possibilities together through a new deliveries robot, Roxo.


H.Ee Saif Al Suwaidi from the GCAA discussed the challenges faced by the GCAA from the growth in aviation to artificial intelligence and rapid technology innovations. 


Anthony Bruce Gudgeon from Intra Defence Technologies talks about manufacturing aircraft in Saudi Arabia.


Paras Dhamecha from Empire Aviation Empire Aviation tells us how excited they are to return to the Dubai Airshow and discusses their expansion into the Egyptian market. 


Jürgen Heinrich from Diamond Aircraft tells us about their aircraft for pilot training, building aircraft for the Middle East's hot conditions, and  their recent deal with Oman Aviation. 


Aleanna Crane & Thomas Westray are with Virgin Galactic on the Mubadala stand this year to promote the start of their commercial operations next year. Visit their website to see the world's first commercial space suits and to enjoy a virtual tour of the world's first commercial space port. 


Tahnoon Saif, Chief Executive Officer, Mohammed bin Rashid Aerospace Hub explains how Dubai South is one of the biggest projects in the region. where they are showcasing their aerospace supply chain development including Lufthansa Technik, GE Operational.


Darrell Seale, Vice President, Middle East Initiatives, Lockheed Martin, shares with us the products they are showcasing at this year's Dubai Airshow including their premier fighter aircraft.


Watch the Day 3 Highlights from this year's Dubai Airshow. 


Sharon Cooke, CEO of Airways International Limited, Airways NZ discusses the Middle East's growth and drone solutions.


Frederic Dupont, Vice President, Technical Sales, Etihad Engineering explains how they are enhancing the value they bring to the market with 2,000 people and 1.7 million hours of production on airframe, component & engineering services.


Khalid Al Breiki, CEO of GAL, tells us how GAL fits into the new Edge consortium. 


Dr Khaled Al Hashmi, Director of Space Missions from the UAE Space Agency shares the success they have had this year and their plans moving forward including their 2020 Mission to Mars.


Peter Walker from Viking Air discusses the capabilities of the Twin Otter Viking 400 which featured onsite at this year's show.


Staff Major General Pilot Abdullah Al Hashmi from the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Defence discusses the evolution of space at this show and improving on the high standards of the Dubai Airshow 2017.


Watch the Day 2 Highlights from this year's Dubai Airshow. 


Omar Abdulkarim Faden from SANS discusses the services they provide, growth in the air traffic market and their experiences at this year's airshow.


Zeydan Öncü, from Global Aviation Services talks about their new business strategies as well as the business success generated at Dubai Airshow 2019.


Raghed Talih, Aerospace Leader- Middle East, Honeywell discusses big data; optimising operations, minimising costs and turnaround times using data knowledge.

Mikail Houari, President Airbus Africa & Middle East talks to us about exhibiting at the Dubai Airshow from the beginning; meeting customers, finalising negotiations and signing contracts. 


Ivor Ichikowitz, CEO from Paramount discusses their focus on conversion of fixed and rotary wings, opening an MRO centre in Islamabad and a joint venture with AOI in Cairo.


Jerry Thomas, Director, Marketing from Thales tells us about meeting passenger expectations for content with 4K technology, bringing HDR to the market, adding Bluetooth and investing in internet services.


Watch the Day 1 Highlights from this year's Dubai Airshow. 


Mike Bruce, Sales & Marketing Director from Aerotest talks to us about designing and building test facilities and also ground support equipment. 


CEO Abdul Hakeem Al Muflahi shares AMMROC, EDGE’s key business focus: specialising in maintenance and repair for military and civil aircraft and the benefits of being part of the EDGE consortium.


Project Manager Khalifa Al Tamimi describes how HALCON manufactures components for defence products and explains how being part of the Edge conglomerate helps support HALCON’s business development.


Amer Mohammad Al Sayegh Al Ghafri discusses the significant advancements that the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre has made within the last decade including launching several satellites, working on their Mars Mission and more recently, celebrating the return of the first Emirati astronaut from space.