Why exhibit?

Over 91% of exhibitors rate the Dubai Airshow as the most important event for their business – Find out why.  

Dubai Airshow key visiting sectors


Join 5 days of world-class display of aircrafts, latest cutting edge solutions along with hours of thought-leadership content in one convenient location.


Dubai Airshow Visitors by Country


Widely popular for the size of orders booked onsite, the 2019 edition witnessed over $54.5 billion in signed orders.  



The Dubai Airshow attracts some of the biggest players in the aerospace and defense industry including 314 military and civil delegations from 148 countries.  


As the aerospace industry steadily powers through the recovery trend, most organizations are shifting from short-term survival to planning their long-term priorities for ramping services up when travel demands come back in full swing.  
Power-packed with new features and sectors including cybersecurity, 5G, AI, robotics, startups along with 50+ hours of thought-leadership content covering sustainability, future transport and cargo among others, this year’s edition will be the driving force behind the industry’s bounce back. 

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  • 84,000+ Trade Visitors
  • 314 Civil and Military Delegations
  • 161 Aircraft on Display
  • 16 Country Pavillions
  • 50+ hours of onsite content



Commercial Aviation 

The UAE holds an important position as an international aviation hub and gateway between Asia, Africa and Europe among others. As the outbreak continues to damper the commercial airline sector, analysts are confident that the Middle East's airlines will bounce into growth a lot quicker. 

Business/General Aviation

The current pandemic has brought an unprecedented change to the way businesses and societies operate. The demand for private and business travel operators has risen to ensure safe movement of required travel. As countries recover from the current crisis, organisations and governments will now begin accelerating their private travel strategy to mitigate future risks and deliver business growth.   

Aircraft Interiors

With airlines beginning to operate flights again under new passenger safety guidelines, airlines must adjust to balance passenger experience, operational costs and the health and safety of all those onboard the aircraft. Dubai Airshow will enable the world’s top airlines to discover the leading cost-effective products for the prevention of transferable viruses, as well as the latest innovative solutions to enhance passenger experience.


The majority of airlines grounded a large percentage of their fleet in 2020 in response to COVID-19. With the demand for flights slowly rising again in 2021, the opportunity for MRO business will also grow to ensure aircraft are ready to fly at short notice. With the Middle East boasting some of the largest facilities in the world, the Dubai Airshow is the ideal destination for airlines to meet with MRO suppliers with the expertise to fulfil any requirements.


Military aviation is continuing to be an important focus in the Middle East, resulting in increased spending from government and state-owned organisations. Dubai Airshow will continue to bring together the latest and most innovative military technologies and monitoring systems solution providers.


The UAE's investment in space technologies has already exceeded US$5.4 billion and is steadily growing as local companies expand their global footprint in the industry. The Dubai Airshow is the ideal showcase for the latest developments in this rapidly growing market.



Dubai Airshow 2021 will serve as a platform to showcase the role of cutting-edge technologies in bolstering the recovery of the aviation, aerospace and defence industries following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The importance of technologies such as cybersecurity, robotics, AI and 5G will be high on the agenda at Dubai Airshow - join the discussion and be part of the future of technology.