Amar Vora

Head of Space – Middle East


As Head of Space for the Middle East, Amar is leading the growth and operations for Serco Middle East’s space business, which aims to build a regional division, with locally trained team members, that will support the goals of national visions and space strategies, while providing extensive space services for the benefit of local governments and the private sector across the region. Amar has spent over a decade in the space industry, with experience across the value chain, defining new solutions and market strategies, across the space sustainability, Earth observation, satellite communications, launch, operations, and space data services domains. Being an advocate of human development in the sector, Amar is also active in STEM-related space skills and outreach initiatives, supporting the growth of knowledge and future workforce in the industry, and has recently launched the first Graduate Space Programme in Saudi Arabia. Prior to this, Amar was part of the Serco UK space team, and has previously worked within the European Space Agency, supporting the development of commercially sustainable applications using satellite-based data, and for Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. working on innovative satellite mission concepts and supporting the strategic definition of satellite communications solutions. 



14 November 2023 | 12:45 - 13:00 | Starburst Selection Committee Pitch Event - Panel : Beyond the Stars: How Space Technologies Shape Industries on Earth

This session will bring together visionary experts who specialize in space technology and its transformative impact on various earthly industries. Drawing from the perspective of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry executives, the session will explore the future of space tech applications in the Aerospace and Defense industry, with a particular focus on how these innovations can be harnessed for on earth use.


Aerospace 2050

15 November 2023 | 10:45 - 11:30 | Panel: Investing in space to support the country’s growth plans

Understanding the economic impact of space and creating a space infrastructure on earth to support the country’s vision and growth plans. Discussing the impact of increasing private investments in space economy. Debating the best way forward for securing the economic sustainability of space whilst ensuring a safe and risk-free outer space environment​.

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