02 October 2023

CONNECTED is a pioneering startup dedicated to providing basic, universal, standardized, and affordable connectivity solutions

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  • About

CONNECTED is a pioneering startup dedicated to providing basic, universal, standardized, and affordable connectivity solutions.
With a clear mission to bridge the digital divide, CONNECTED leverages space-based technologies to revolutionize the way individuals and industries connect and operate.
Our vision is to affordably connect humankind, unleash a new wave of IoT-based business models, improve citizens' quality of life, and bridge the digital divide.
For more information, visit www.connected.space

  • Why is it important to be at the show?

Participating in the Dubai Airshow is a significant opportunity for CONNECTED because it offers a global stage to showcase our groundbreaking advancements in NB-IoT connectivity from space, particularly our utilization of standard protocols such as 5G NB-IoT.
Our presence underscores our commitment to revolutionizing how businesses in remote and off-grid locations connect, operate, and thrive through cutting-edge space-based NB-IoT technology.

  • What are the latest trends & innovation you foresee?

In the realm of NB-IoT connectivity from space, the integration of 5G NB-IoT standard protocols holds immense potential for businesses operating in off-grid areas. We anticipate that this technology will redefine how these businesses access and utilize critical data, by seamlessly integrating terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks. This includes advanced remote monitoring, asset tracking, and resource management. Our vision is to harness 5G NB-IoT to ensure that even in the most remote locations, businesses can enjoy seamless connectivity, unlocking new levels of efficiency and sustainability.

  • Are the any projects you are working to keep up with the latest trends?

CONNECTED, with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA), is actively engaged in pioneering projects focused on NB-IoT connectivity from space.

  • Any showcase or first-time launches or anything exciting to share?

Looking ahead to the Dubai Airshow, CONNECTED is gearing up for some truly exciting announcements.
First and foremost, we will be revealing the successful completion of our pre-seed funding round, the largest ever to be attained by a Portuguese space company, and a significant step in our journey.
Furthermore, we are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to introduce several key partnerships forged with industry leaders who share our vision for connectivity in off-grid regions.

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