14 June 2023

Dubai Airshow 2023 set to unveil the latest trends in Advanced Aerial Mobility market

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-        Dubai Airshow will reaffirm AAM’s status as one of the fastest growing markets in aerospace

-        The 18th edition of the world’s leading Airshow will see the launch of a dedicated AAM pavilion

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - June 2023: This is expected to be a pivotal year for the advanced aerial mobility (AAM) market, as disruptive methods of aerial transportation are fast becoming the future of aviation. With the global market expected to be valued at $16.81 billion in 2025, and reach $110.02 billion in 2035, registering a CAGR of 21.7% , the rapid growth is seeing an influx of new inventive air freight and passenger transport solutions, along with new regulations, resources and infrastructure.

Set to transform the future of travel for people and cargo, the pace of innovation and advancements in future aerial mobility solutions are making it one of the fastest growing markets in aerospace. As a leader in AAM and urban air mobility (UAM) innovation and infrastructure expansion, Dubai is paving the way for the growth of the international industry, and Dubai Airshow has confirmed that AAM will be an integral part of the upcoming edition, taking place from 13-17 November 2023 at Dubai World Central (DWC), Dubai Airshow Site.

The prominence aligns with this year’s theme ‘The Future of the Aerospace Industry’ and will see the launch of a new pavilion dedicated to AAM, where regional and global players can discover the future flight technologies that are set to have a major influence over the way we travel.

Earlier this year His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, patron of Dubai Airshow, announced that air taxis will begin flying in Dubai within three years. He also approved plans to develop vertiports as part of the emirate’s future air mobility infrastructure network to ease the mobility of individuals across urban areas in a safe, smooth and sustainable manner, with terminal design concepts now being worked on.

Meanwhile, the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and the Mohammed bin Rashid Aerospace Hub (MBRAH) at Dubai South announced an agreement to establish the world’s first AAM integrator world centre in Dubai, with the world’s first ever vertiport certification process now underway as part of the project. These developments are helping to facilitate the growth of the international industry, reaffirming Dubai’s global status.

The Emirate is also home to the world’s leading aerospace event, Dubai Airshow, which will gather global industry players and thought leaders from across aerospace, space and defence later this year to showcase the latest innovative solutions, share insights and discuss the current and future trends shaping these industries. With the industry and the region setting AAM firmly on the agenda for the future or air transportation, the 18th edition of Dubai Airshow will build on the momentum and further establish Dubai’s pioneering status in this market.

Tim Hawes, Managing Director of Tarsus F&E, commented: “Aligning with the major developments seen across the advanced aerial mobility market, this will be a huge focus for Dubai Airshow 2023, where we will showcase the latest innovation and provide a platform to highlight the immense potential and opportunities for growth across the sector. As a pioneer in this market, Dubai is the perfect place for global industry trailblazers to gather, ready to highlight the latest technologies and discuss the trends and solutions that will chart the way forward and transform how we travel.”

Welcoming new and returning exhibitors, visitors will have the opportunity to explore a host of aerial transport solutions, including drones, UAVs, UAMs and eVTOLs, at the brand new AAM pavilion. There will also be an eVTOL flying display to further highlight the capabilities of these future transport methods. The Advanced Aerial Mobility conference will also return, welcoming more industry thought leaders and experts for an extensive content programme. It will explore the latest technologies that will transform how we travel, as well as the regulations and infrastructure required to incorporate AAM into our daily lives.

For more information, please visit the website https://www.dubaiairshow.aero/

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