Eng. Mohsen Al Awadhi

Director of Space Missions Department

UAE Space Agency

Mohsen Al Awadhi is a leading figure in the field of aerospace engineering and mission system architecture, with a unique career that has spanned both aviation and space exploration.

Al Awadhi began his career as an Aircraft Technician with Emirates Airlines, where he honed his skills in aviation mechanics, aero-engines and system maintenance, laying a solid foundation for his future endeavours. The practical insight and technical knowledge acquired during this phase of his career equipped him to transition into the realm of space technology.

Shifting his career trajectory towards the cosmos, Al Awadhi played a pivotal role in the Emirates Mars Mission as the Lead Mission Systems Engineer. In this role, he was responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of the mission, from intricate system design to the successful execution of the spacecraft's journey to Mars. His stewardship of the mission reflected a profound understanding of system engineering and astrodynamics, helping place the UAE at the forefront of global space exploration.

Today, Al Awadhi serves as the Director of the Space Missions Department at the UAE Space Agency. His leadership and innovative thinking are instrumental in advancing the UAE's ambitions in space exploration and science. Currently, Al Awadhi is spearheading the Emirates Mission to the Asteroid Belt as the Mission Director, further demonstrating his commitment to expanding the frontiers of human knowledge about our solar system.

Al Awadhi's work has not only transformed the UAE's presence in the realm of space exploration, but has also played a vital role in inspiring the next generation of Emirati scientists and engineers. His dedication, passion, and ingenuity in the field stand as a testament to the power of human ambition and the pursuit of knowledge.


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