26 October 2023


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Have players in the sector adapted technology quickly to meet the changing needs of the market?

Yes, the Advanced Aerial Mobility sector has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to adapt to the changing needs of the market. As technology developments have converged, all players involved in the electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft market are applying disruptive technologies, from regulators of autonomous air traffic management systems, manufacturers and operators to aviation and telecommunications systems and infrastructure. At Crisalion Mobility, continuous innovation and swift adaptation is at the core of everything we do; that is how we ensure that our ground and air mobility solutions respond effectively to the changing demands of the market.

What technologies are needed to seamlessly integrate eVTOLs into our ecosystem?

Seamlessly integrating eVTOLs into our ecosystem requires significant advances in key technologies such as optimising battery autonomy, safety and air traffic management. It is also essential to develop highly efficient electric propulsion systems and high energy density batteries. Another crucial development is the implementation of communication systems that allow, in our case, for aircraft and ground vehicles to communicate with the remote operator with a minimal time delay, which is why we use both 5G and satellite links. 

Needless to say, it is also crucial to look at the airspace eVTOLs will occupy and evaluate what other aircraft they will be sharing that space with. 

Which areas and regions offer the most growth potential?

We see significant growth potential in densely populated urban areas and in metropolitan regions where traffic congestion is a major challenge. Regions with a progressive approach in terms of regulations and policies that promote the adoption of Advanced Aerial Mobility technologies will also be crucial to successful growth. Specifically, we see great potential in innovative cities like Dubai, which are spearheading the adoption of advanced mobility solutions. 

Which technologies do you think will have the greatest impact on the air mobility sector over the next five years?

Over the next five years, we believe key high-impact technologies in the air mobility sector will include advances in high energy density batteries, advanced air traffic control systems and maturing electric vehicle technologies. We also expect significant growth in technologies around connectivity, allowing for more efficient communication between vehicles and better air space integration.

How will the recent investment in Advanced Aerial Mobility affect your operations?

The recent investment in Advanced Aerial Mobility will reinforce our capacity to step up research and development for our air mobility solutions. It will allow us to implement innovative technologies faster, expand our footprint in key markets and work with strategic partners to support the adoption of Advanced Aerial Mobility worldwide.

What are you expecting at the Dubai Airshow 2023?

We expect the Dubai Airshow 2023 to offer a platform for interaction between sector players to forge strategic business relationships, present our air mobility solutions to a global audience and partner with other sector leaders. Dubai Airshow is an ideal setting to explore new opportunities, form strategic alliances and showcase our commitment to innovation and progress in the Advanced Aerial Mobility sector.

Finally, what are Crisalion Mobility's plans in the region?

Our plans in the region are focused around creating strategic partnerships with local institutions, governments and key players in the aviation sector. We are committed to close cooperation and co-creation of solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of the Middle Eastern region. Our aim is to be a key facilitator in the transformation of urban mobility, delivering sustainable, efficient solutions that improve people’s quality of life in these dynamic, fast-growing areas.

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