30 October 2023


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Have industry players been quick to adapt technology to cater to the changing needs in the market? 
The industry is focused primarily on safety. Therefore we should not expect to have so many early adopters. On the other side I’m more than happy to see huge progress in tower automation. This combination of multiple technologies brings significant operational benefits and improves safety. Now you can operate the entire tower from just a single screen, where the information is presented just in time when you need it. And this is just the first step for the interesting new development, which of course includes the latest technological trends, such as AI and digital twins.
In which areas and geographies do you see strongest potential for growth? 
We see significant potential especially in the middle east region as it continues to develop the world’s most major hubs between Europe, Asia and the Americas. Therefore we invest a lot in research and development for innovating our tower and centre solutions mainly through automation. This helps our customers to manage the growing air traffic demand.
What technologies do you predict will impact the ATM industry most in the next five years?
The digitalisation of the enroute and tower operation will bring the most benefits. The digital communication between tower and aircraft will bring significant advantages in automating the processes. Moreover, safety will be increased by advancing in detection of uncooperative drones and by management of cooperative ones. AI will allow operational users to build and maintain their situational awareness quicker.
How can new technology support air traffic capacity growth?
Through digitalisation, integrated arrival and departure planning  and automation we can reduce the spacing this significantly improving the performance of the airports without the need for heavy investment into the infrastructure. Routing and guidance systems will help aircraft to manoeuvre more wisely, and digital tower systems will enhance the operational users’ vision and allow them to make better decisions more quickly.
What are your expectations from Dubai Airshow 2023?
We have several impressive installations and exciting upcoming opportunities of our advanced tower portfolio in the region, both in the form of the remote digital tower as well as our advanced automated tower solutions. I’m very happy for the huge interest on this technology because it helps ANSPs and airport operators to increase their traffic volumes while reducing the CO2 emissions per flight. 
Lastly, what are your company’s plans in the region?
We see huge potential for both of our solutions, advanced automated tower as well as remote digital tower in the region, as there are several of the world’s most major here, but also many satellite airports that could be run very nicely from a center. We appreciate the affinity to technology and innovation we can feel in this region, which is why we think that it is a perfect market for Frequentis Air Traffic Management solutions.

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