2021 Exhibitor list

  • GACA

    Saudi ArabiaStand/Chalet/Pavilion: S4

  • Gainjet Aviation S.A.

    GreeceStand/Chalet/Pavilion: 1701

  • GCAA - General Civil Aviation Authority

    United Arab EmiratesStand/Chalet/Pavilion: A47

  • GDC Middle East

    Saudi ArabiaStand/Chalet/Pavilion: 1230,P12

  • GE Aviation

    United KingdomStand/Chalet/Pavilion: A20

  • GEO Drones

    United Arab EmiratesStand/Chalet/Pavilion: 2045

  • GoGo Business Aviation

    United StatesStand/Chalet/Pavilion: 1345


    United Arab EmiratesStand/Chalet/Pavilion: tbc

  • Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

    United StatesStand/Chalet/Pavilion: A17, A18

  • Higher Colleges of Technology

    United Arab EmiratesStand/Chalet/Pavilion: 558

  • Honeywell International SARL Z.A.

    SwitzerlandStand/Chalet/Pavilion: 1335

  • Indhra Dhanush Autonomous Platforms (OPC) Private Limited

    IndiaStand/Chalet/Pavilion: 2060

  • International Golden Group

    United Arab EmiratesStand/Chalet/Pavilion: A38


    Saudi ArabiaStand/Chalet/Pavilion: 1420

  • Jetstream Aviation Training & Services

    GreeceStand/Chalet/Pavilion: 1732


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