John Nilsson

Strategic Manager Electric & Hydrogen Aircrafts

Swedavia Airports

John Nilsson is currently working as a Strategy Manager at Swedavia with a specific focus on sustainability and on adapting airports to the electric and hydrogen aircrafts of tomorrow. John has extensive experience in transport planning and in airport strategic planning. John has been with Swedavia for over 5 years, and has earlier worked for the Swedish Transport Administration. 

Swedavia is a leader amongst airport holders when it comes to sustainability and achieved net zero carbon emissions in the airport operations under our its own control at the end of year 2020. John’s goal is therefore to continue that journey and together with the aviation industry achieve the ambitious goal of a net zero domestic air transport by 2030 and a net zero international air transport by 2045.

Current focal points of his work includes engaging with stakeholders in the aviation industry on issues related to new types of aircrafts, actively participating in academic research, feasibility studies and pilot studies related to new types of aircrafts as well as proposing and coordinating new strategies, frameworks and infrastructure that are to be implemented in the airports development plans.


Aerospace 2050

14 November 2023 | 15:00 - 15:20 | Presentation : Making fossil free flights today’s reality

Ensuring that airports are the drivers that enable the adoption of hydrogen-fueled and battery electric flights.

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