José Sousa


AMENA Ventures

José Sousa stands as an accomplished entrepreneur and investor, boasting an extensive track record across EMEA and LATAM. With a rich history of collaborative experience spanning over two decades, José has spearheaded international projects in diverse sectors, including Software Development, IT Services, Healthcare, Retail, FMCG, Financial Services, Government, NGOs, and Oil and Gas. 
In the past decade, José has immersed himself in the startup realm, co-founding ventures in Medtech, EdTech, IoT, and Robotics. Going beyond traditional investment roles, his commitment extends to actively supporting and mentoring entrepreneurs, fostering the growth and development of their businesses. José plays a pivotal role in structuring deals, securing capital, and crafting effective go-to-market strategies that empower these ventures to seamlessly align with their founders' visions. 
As the Managing Director of Amena Ventures, José's mission is clear: to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to pursue their passions, fostering innovative ideas for the greater good of humanity. Amena Ventures specializes in Robotics and IoT, recognizing the transformative impact these fields will have on the business landscape in the decades to come. Entrepreneurs seeking a long-term investment partner, especially those with a working prototype at the pre-revenue or pre-profit stage, will find José and the Amena Ventures team eager to connect and contribute to their journey. 

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