I assist my partners and clients in transforming their organizations by designing and implementing startup and innovation programs that bring stakeholders from across the value chain together to solve environmental, social, and business challenges. ​
Since 2010, I have been designing, planning, and executing innovation and entrepreneurship programs for universities, foundations, and banks, including the University of Arts London, Emirates Foundation, Impact Hub, Abu Dhabi Arts and Music Foundation, Commercial Bank of Dubai, and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.​
From 2016 to 2022, I managed the Intelak Hub - a technology and innovation start-up hub based in Dubai led by the Emirates Group, Dubai's Department of Economy and Tourism, Accenture, Amadeus, and Microsoft. At Intelak Hub, I oversaw the Idea Lab, Incubator, and Accelerator programs, as well as various activities focused on igniting, launching, growing, and scaling local and global startups within the aviation, travel, and tourism sectors.​
In 2023, I founded Fluid Labs, which helps organizations achieve their innovation goals through tailor-made pop-up innovation labs.​
I utilize a human-centric approach, facilitation training, and communication skills to simplify complex technology and business concepts and communicate them to stakeholders in a way that delivers actionable results. I am passionate about unlocking creativity, promoting sustainable travel and tourism, and building strategic partnerships that drive the future of business forward.


15 November 2023 | 14:25 - 15:00 | Mentorship Clinic : The art of persuasion: Delivering the perfect pitch deck

This mentorship clinic offers a unique opportunity for startups to receive expert feedback on their pitch decks, equipping them with the skills to craft a compelling narrative and persuasive ask that captivates the interest of potential investors, partners, and clients on stage. Don't miss this chance to refine your pitch and take your startup to new heights of success.




13 November 2023 | 10:40 - 11:10 | Opening Panel: Facilitating innovation through collaboration between investors, corporates and startups


16 November 2023 | 12:00 - 12:30 | Panel: Building Collaborative Cultures: The Role of Intrapreneurs in Corporate Innovation

This panel delves into the dynamic world of corporate innovation and the vital role of innovative individuals within established organizations. Throughout the discussion, experienced entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs will share their collaboration stories, challenges, and strategies for building collaborations, driving change, and navigating corporate landscapes to bring ground-breaking startup ideas to fruition through partnerships. Attendees will gain valuable insights into how startups, intrapreneurs and investors can work together to challenge the status quo, initiate positive disruptions, and champion transformative innovations. Moreover, we will discuss how startups can identify these champions and why cross-sector collaborations are key to driving innovation from within organizations.

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