Mia Jafari

Intelak Hub and Programmes Manager


Mia has been leading international innovation programmes for over 14 years and believes entrepreneurship is at the heart of economic growth and collaboration creates a culture of innovation that is critical for building a sustainable future.

Mia leads the Intelak Hub’s programmes and the plethora of events and activities Intelak runs and design and facilitate workshops in creative thinking, resilience and corporate innovation.

She is passionate about creativity, human-centred design, building strategic partnerships that bring about the future of business forward through nurturing intrapreneurship and a culture of innovation.



17 November 2021 | 10:15 - 11:00 | Keynote Panel: Investments – Grow and scale your aviation startup

Even great ideas need investments – get tips from VC’s, corporate and angel investors on how to scale your start-up to the next level. Led by Intelak Hub, the region's leading aviation, travel and tourism hub, the panel will explore what investors look for in start-ups they invest in and what are the trends in investments. 

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