Olga Flemming

Attorney-at-Law, Serial entrepreneur, FDI & PPP strategist, Investor, International M&A Expert, Philanthropist

Oruga group

A seasoned expert in deal structuring, financing and preserving private wealth. Apart from being a successful lawyer and entrepreneur, her passion of investing in startups as well as PPP & FDI strategies, resulted with her being featured by multiple well-known publications in several countries, including FOX, ENTREPRENEUR, GRAZIA, FORBES, NBC and COSMOPOLITAN. Founded by Olga Oruga Group group of companies provides real estate, PPP & FDI advisory and legal support, to international MNEs & SMEs as well as startups, since 2009. Angel investor, startup mentor & adviso, Olga advises startups on project management with governments, negotiation, financing and business development and corporate structuring. Olga closely works with private investors, family offices, institutional investors, IGOs and governments as an independent advisor on prioritised sectors of economy. 

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