Ryaan Sharif

General Manager


Ryaan Sharif is the General Manager of Flat6Labs UAE. Ryaan has extensive experience working for EY, working on numerous engagements with multinational firms, to eventually working for the investment promotion agency of the Kingdom of Bahrain where he personally account managed and attracted US$300 million in foreign direct investment. In the past 6 years, he has gone on to work in the venture capital field for the likes of, firstly, Flat6Labs Bahrain, where he was responsible for establishing the offices and investing in 35 portfolio companies and then moved to Batelco, Bahrain’s leading telecom provider, where he headed the B2C Investments in the Digital Development Department,  responsible for deploying US$500 million, as a strategic investor, into high-growth digital companies. 
Ryaan is currently the General Manager of Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi who has launched a US$32 million fund in partnership with ADQ, the sovereignwealth fund of Abu Dhabi, which are focused on investing in initially 60 start-ups (already deployed capital into 46 companies) over the next 3years. 

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