Thouheed Gaffoor

Founder & CEO


Thouheed Gafoor is a repeat founder with a background in process engineering. He has had 2 exits and 7+ years of experience in the industry as founder & CEO at Emagin, VP, AI at Innovyze and then Head of AI at Autodesk, where he was responsible for deploying ML in the heavy industry. Basetwo is a low code AI software platform that empowers engineers to optimize their manufacturing processes in real-time.



13 November 2023 | 11:10 - 11:30 | Panel: Aerospace Xelerated: Startup Success Stories in aerospace

Regional Lead for Aerospace Xelerated, Dr. Mariam Ketait will be joined by two portfolio companies, AR Engineering and Basetwo, to share their first-hand experiences and strategic insights into working in the aerospace industry, shining a light on the opportunities in the UAE as well as the rewards and challenges that present themselves to a startup expanding into a new region.

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