20 September 2023

The world’s Biggest Accelerator Program dedicated to Sustainable Aviation

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  • About Sustainable Aero Lab

Sustainable Aero Lab is the world’s biggest accelerator program dedicated to sustainable aviation.

We bring together startups, executives from aviation, business, venture capital, and researchers in one room, where startups receive highly focused feedback in a transparent live Lab Session every two months.
Our idea was to highlight us as the Lab, and we already have a video for this that we could potentially use. Please find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gCoaFBcUyc

  • Why is it important to be at the show?

Since our inception in early 2021, we’ve mentored over 60 startups from all over the world, bringing them together with over  80 highly experienced mentors and guests. Sustainable Aero Lab has been selected to present in the official program of events such as SXSW, ILA, and the World Aviation Festival and has received funding from Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

At this year’s VISTA program at the Dubai Airshow, we bring together a selection of our startups from all over the globe:

  • Dovetail, an Australia-based startup, electrifies the skies with innovative aircraft powertrains. Recently, they have secured a $3 million government grant and got orders for 50 aircraft conversions, propelling electrification in aviation.
  • Flyvercity, a startup from Israel, develops cutting-edge software that manages high-density drone flights. Their algorithms reduce CO2 emissions by replacing e-commerce congestion. Two 2023-2025 field demonstrations showcase their leadership in drone traffic management.
  • OLM, an Italian company, pioneers European air-based propulsion testing. Collaborating with industry giants like Airbus and SAFRAN, they assess propulsion technology, fuels, and structural integrity, solidifying their role in sustainable aviation.
  • Sylphaero, a startup from France, revolutionizes aviation with electric, plasma-based jet engines exceeding 1,000 km/h. Their cost-effective technology reshapes aircraft propulsion, enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

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