Brendon Bobbermien

Executive Adviser, Regulation and International Recognition


Commander Bobbermien is an executive advisor for the UAE MoD Safety Environment and Worthiness Executive Directorate’s Military Airworthiness Authority. He is responsible for establishing airworthiness regulation and safety policy.  
Commander Bobbermien has an accomplished military career where he served in the roles of Deputy Director Aviation Compliance (DASA), Technical Director and Head of Design, Executive Capability Manager, Executive Logistics Planner, Senior Maintenance Engineer and Senior Flight Test Design Engineer. 
He is a Chartered Aerospace Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Engineers Australia. 

Airworthiness & Safety Conference

14 November 2023 | 11:40 - 12:25 | Panel session: UAS and Advanced Aerial Mobility

  • Certification for unmanned systems
  • Regulatory systems and classification
  • Examination of the engineering principles and design considerations involved in the development of advanced aerial mobility systems
  • Discussion on the regulatory and legislative challenges associated with integrating drones and other advanced aerial vehicles into existing airspace infrastructure

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